Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello? Anyone still here?

So is anyone still here? I know I have been slacking alot on my lil ol blog here. Many things play a part in that: working full-time with a jacked up schedule, computer problems, exhaustion, kids, family, life and etc etc etc...

But anyways I figured I could post a few pics of some things I've managed to work on. Not a whole lot going on craft-wise, but now and then I find a few minutes to do something..

My most recently finished project and something I am so proud of is this carseat recover for a friend. I think it turned out beautifully and I even surprised myself with it!

I now need to get to work on a matching diaper bag, hopefully that won't take me as long as this carseat did!

If you are still a loyal reader, Thank you! for sticking around and I promise I will try to make a more frequent appearance here!

I will be sharing this on some of the linky parties I like