Monday, November 22, 2010

Pretty felt flowers

Okay well first off I know in my last post I mentioned a tutorial I was trying to put together. Well about that... I'm still working on it.. Actually I'm just kinda lazy when it comes to that sorta thing.. I know how to do it, but I'm just not a good teacher, so actually sitting down and giving instructions on how to do something is just not my thing.. But I said I will do it so I will..
Anyways on to what this is about...

I made some pretties!!!
So I started off with 5 large and 5 small felt circles. I didn't go by any measurements I just traced the bottom of a can for the big one and a bottle lid for the smaller one.

Dab a little hot glue on the smaller circle and place it on the edge of the larger one.

Then just to add a little extra to this one I ran a bead of my blue glitter glue around the smaller circle.
Now I forgot to take pics of the next step, but you squeeze the bottom of the circle in half, with smaller circle on the inside. Then take a threaded needle and go through it just at the bottom, continue this with all your circles and then go back through the first one to make it a loop. Pull it tight, you can adjust the "petals" later.

I sewed a white button in the center just to somewhat hide the pinched center area. 

Now cut another felt circle for the backing. Adjust your petals how you like and glue your backing felt on.
For this one I added a little clip with some felt on it to hide the clip for the most part.

And Voila!! Lookie here...

Now this next one I wanted to make a little prettier...
For this one I used 6 circles pieces instead of five, I think it looks a little better but it can also be a pain in the rear if you are trying to add extras to it like I did...  For one, I am NOT a beader, I do not have infinite reserves of patience. This one nearly got chunked across the room a few times..
But in the end it turned out quite nice and I am happy with it...
As yet I don't know what I want this one to be. Maybe a headband or another hairclip or maybe just putting a pin in it for now so I can change it up depending on my mood...
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Oh and I almost forgot! I had a nice surprise in my mail today.

Aren't these fabulous???
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Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Those are cute! I wouldn't have thought of using felt to make the flower hair peices, but they came out really pretty!

kasthurirajam said...

pretty flowers

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

LOVE this!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Hey girl!!! So I corrected my post on this to include you! So sorry again, for losing you!!! AND I created a feature button you can put on your blog since we featured you at Truly Lovely!! Come visit us to grab it!