Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cascade reader reviews and giveaway winner!

Well sorry this has taken so long, I have been waiting for a few reviews but sadly haven't gotten them all back yet. So I decided to go ahead and post the reviews from the Cascade 24 hour Challenge I got and have the giftcard giveaway with those that did participate. Read on, these are some great reviews!

Here are the reviews! 
Patrice from Not About Cake wrote:

"Here is how my Cascade Challenge went:
I left my bowls and spatulas that had been used with cake batter on the counter for more than 24 hours.  I also left the frosting bowls.  I put everything in the dishwasher along with some other things and everything came out spotless! 
I was pretty impressed, but decided to give it one more test.  Everything we used on Friday night and Saturday morning was put in the dishwasher without rinsing…the dishes were DIRTY!  I overloaded the dishwasher, too.  Sunday afternoon I finally turned on the dishwasher.  When I unloaded it, I had one soup ladle that had a bit of couscous still on it and two bowls that needed to be rewashed, but if you had seen how I had stacked the dishes in there then you would agree that the results were impressive. 
I also liked the ease of popping the Actionpac in the detergent compartment.  I always buy the huge box of Cascade at Costco and I usually end up dumping way too much in and then have to wipe around the detergent compartment to get the lid to stay shut.
I don’t know if it was the detergent, since I have never ran a load of dishes without rinsing, but the ease of use alone convinced me that the extra cost (over the powder) is more than worth it.  This test also convinced my husband that he does not need to wash the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher!
A container of 85 is on sale for $3.00 off at Costco through June 5th so I plan on picking some up."

Kiley wrote:
"I did the Cascade challenge Friday. I decided to make Chicken supreme which is a family favorite, just not a favorite to clean up. It usually takes me atleast 2 if not 3 cycles through the dishwasher to clean my pan after this so I thought it would be a good thing to try. I wanted to really put it to the test. After we ate dinner Friday I placed the pan in my pantry and let it sit overnight. Saturday afternoon I put it in the dishwasher along with some other items, put the cascade Actionpac in the dispenser and turned it on. Later on I emptied the dishwasher and to my surprise the pan was pretty well clean. There were 2 little spots that I just used a dish cloth to wipe clean but aside from that it was great. I was kind of excited! I am going to try it a time or two before I go all out and say this stuff is awesome but from this experience I think it pretty much does as it says."

Here are a few pics from Kiley's experience.

From that to this, what a difference!

Emily from Insanity Rules says:

"I thought this product was great. Although it didn't completely get everything off the bowl it's done better by far then any other product I've used. I make this bread recipe like once a week and if I don't soak the bowl it takes forever to get the gunk off. Like I have to soak it for a night at least. So I was really happy that I just need to scrub a little bit of stuff out of it and then it's clean all the way. I would use it and recommend it to others."
Here are a few pics from Emily

Before and after

So now for the giveaway!

What I did was number these in the order I received them, so Patrice - 1, Kiley - 2, and Emily - 3.

And the winner of the $15 Walmart giftcard is....

#1 - Patrice!!! Congrats! I will email you shortly and have your giftcard in the mail!

Thank you to all who participated, I hope to continue to grow my blog and have more and greater giveaways in the future!

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