Saturday, May 7, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week - Subway Art

So better late than never, right?
I thought I would post about what T gave his teacher Mrs. Farriell for Teacher Appreciation Week. Usually I don't do gifts, I know bad right? It's not that I don't want to or that we don't appreciate our teachers, it's just that I usually forget or I just don't know what to give.

But as I was browsing around some of my favorite blogs earlier this week, I came across this post from Better Life Blog about creating your own Subway Art using Wordle. This site is so neat yall! You just type in the words you want and Voila! a Subway Art picture shows up, once in the picture you can change the font, colors and arrangement of your words!

I just did that one real quick to show you guys. Make sure you read the FAQ, it gives you tips on how to make some words bigger and how to have a string of words together. *I didn't read that before I made one for T's teacher so her name is on there as Mrs.Farriell without the space and all the words are the same size*
So anyways if you want a cool free Subway art maker or if you just want to kill some time on the internet, hop on over to Wordle and have some fun!

Anyways so here is what we did for Mrs. Farriell.

We tried to think of words that related to school and used mostly primary colors.

I painted the frame red and added just a touch of silver glaze to it.

On the back, I had T type up a note for her and then I used spray adhesive to glue it directly to the cardboard backing.
This project was completely FREE! I had everything on hand and it only took a few minutes, minus painting the frame. Now I know we could have fancied this up quite a bit more, but we opted to keep it pretty simple.

Supplies needed:
spray adhesive
paint - optional
glaze - optional

I hope you like it and I will be linking up to some of my favorite linky parties!

Have a great week everyone!

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Lesley said...

Tiff! This is fantastic!

I'm so mad at myself right now because as I scrolled down the page I'm seeing that I missed a bunch of posts you put up. I'm slapping myself on the wrist and reading them now.