Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fancied up toy box

Just a quick project today.
So little Mr. K got a few toys for Christmas this year, as any parent knows, with toys comes the need to have them put somewhere instead of scattered across the floor..
So I had them temporarily stored in a cardboard box left over from Christmas.
I took that box and simply covered it with paper to make it look a little better.

Yes this is part Christmas paper, but I'm a big believer in using what I have on hand, and what I had on hand was a paper gift bag that I cut up and a small amount of polka dot wrapping paper.

I wasn't too concerned with the inside, as it won't show..

A nice clean bottom..

I even folded down the edges like in sewing for a nice clean edge..

Maybe if I find some cute paper on sale sometime I may recover it to something less seasonal.. Or I may just leave it as it, I'm sure my 6 month old isn't too concerned with the decor of his toybox!

Total cost: a big whopping ZERO!! I used paper, tape, scissors and a cardboard box!
Hope everyone has a great day today!

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Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Good work Tiffany! I love projects that cost a BIG Whopping ZERO! :) Thanks for linking up at Fancy This Fridays!! :)