Thursday, December 30, 2010


Can I just say I now love Wal-Mart after Christmas sales?
So a few nights ago I had to make a quick trip to Wal-mart to get a few things. As I was over by the Christmas stuff I figured I'd have a little look just to see what I might find. I got so much inspiration from blogland this year on holiday decorating and I do have a project in mind to try for next year. I first wanted to check on ornaments, I saw an awesome ornament wreath that matched my tree perfectly but for the life of me I can't remember where I saw it now or I would link.. So I found some ornaments for 50% off that I can use. Great!
*update* I found the wreath post, Yay! I have now bookmarked it so I can remember it next year.
Here it is. At Just Between Friends

Isn't that gorgeous??

But then on a bottom shelf I noticed a couple clear trash bags.. Hmm.. I picked them up, on the outside was a piece of paper with "Assorted Garland $1.00" written on it.. I'm not big on garland and tinsel but I did see some wire ribbon in there that I could use.. So I threw both bags into the cart. Almost put them back but figured I could find something to use it for if not I'll freecycle it next year..

So what all was in these bags??
Take a look at this...

Assorted lengths of wire ribbon, I would guess it's at least 50 feet altogether.. The aqua and silver will definately be used next year.

Varying lengths of tinsel garland, mostly in silver which is one of the colors I use. Last year I had the dark blue and silver theme, too bad I didn't have this then..

Some wire ribbon bows..

Even some window clings..

All of that for $2! Can you believe it? Score!!

Plus I got a new tree for next year on sale for $19! We needed a new tree anyways as some of the lights weren't working on ours. And I'm glad I got it too, when I took ours down yesterday, I saw where our dog had chewed through the cord!!
But I freecycled it and the lady that got it said that wasn't a concern, it was going to be for her office so they didn't need the lights on it.

I love freecycling, even if we don't have much, just knowing I can help someone else with something I have that I'm not using is a great feeling!!

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Linda said...

Hi! I'm following you back! I'm sorry I am so late! lol
I love after Christmas sales too! You can get some really great stuff!
Thank you for the follow and Happy New Year!