Thursday, December 16, 2010

Personalized Hand Warmers

So I decided to make the kids their own hand warmers as part of a somewhat homemade Christmas.
Awhile back I got a great deal on this pre-quilted Chrastmas fabric.
One side was flowery..
The other was just holly leaves..

No tutorial as these are pretty simple to make. I cut to desired size, folded in half, stitched up two sides then filled and stitched all around..

The boys get the leaves.

And flowers for miss girlie-girl..
But I did want to add a little somethin somethin to them. To prevent any arguing about whose warmer is whose, I added a little patch with each kids' initial embroidered on it. I also added a handle so we don't have any hot potato issues if they are warmed up too much...

As much as my kids all want PS3s and Xboxes (which they are NOT getting) I think they will like these also..

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ms t said...

filled with what?

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

What a nice idea!!! Everyone loves warm hands! :) Thanks for linking up to Truly Lovely! Hope to see you again soon!!!