Thursday, March 17, 2011

A huge shoutout and THANK YOU to...

She is the owner of Lil Stein Styles Etsy shop and also blogs at Then There Were Five. She has the cutest little things in her shop and a great selection of boy stuff, a huge plus in my book! And always has interesting posts with plenty of pics of her beautiful family.
So anyways I bet you're wondering why I'm giving a shoutout to Cristil??
Well about a week ago I won a giveaway over at Lu Bird Baby, it was a Lucky shirt from Lil Stein Styles Etsy shop.

So I contacted Cristil and gave her my info, but I forgot to mention in my email that I need a MR lucky shirt not a MISS lucky. I just gave her K's name and size, not really even thinking that K's name could actually be a boy or girl name. So a couple days later I receive a lovely package in the mail. I pull it out and it is perfect, wait a minute.... Oh no, it says Miss Lucky.. So I email Cristil and let her know the mistake and ask if there is anyway the shirt could be remade. Being a giveaway item and personalized with an oddball name like K's, I fully understood if she chose not to. To my great surprise I received an email back within minutes saying that she would remake the shirt and have it to me asap!!! So just a couple days later, I got another package in the mail and this time it was absolutely PERFECT!! And it was in time for St. Patrick's Day, Mr K is wearing it as I type this up!

(The shirt is not actually smudged, lol, I did that just so you know)

Anyways I just want to thank Cristil one more time and to let my readers know what a great lady she is. If you are looking around Etsy, please have a stop in her shop. The customer service is fantastic and the quality of her products are top-notch!

Have a great day everyone!

(I am in no way being compensated for this post, I just wanted to share her with you)

2 people think..:

Michelle said...

Congratulations on winning! What a super cute shirt

The Stein Family aka lilsteinstyles said...

AHHH... Thank you for the super sweet "Shout Out"! Hope to see you again sometime... Cristil