Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project Kids

Hello everyone!
I'd like to talk to you all about something I'm participating in. It is Project Kids, you might have noticed the button right over there ------->

Here's a little info about Project Kids that I took directly from the site:
Project Kids was founded  in 2011 by three women in Northwest Arkansas who wanted to make a difference.  The goal of Project Kids is to raise money for specific causes, one project at a time.  All projects directly involve children.  We first saw a strong need in a small group of local middle school students who were facing hurdles due to language and financial barriers.

I'm all for helping others, especially children. I can't always help financially though, so I have donated an item for the Project One raffle.

 A baby giftset that includes a changing pad roll-up, a crinkly taggie blanket and a bib.

I'm also offering 2 months of ad space here, a 175x175 button in the upper right sidebar.

The Project One raffle runs from April 16 - 26 and has several great prizes. I encourage anyone who can to donate if they can.

Here are some of the prizes you could win:
$50 PF Chang's gift card
Other various restaurant gift cards
Date night package
Family fun night package
Dog gift set
Mod Podge product package from Plaid Enterprises
Hobby Lobby gift card
Hand sewn baby gift set
Hand Illustrated posters from the Blog Guidebook
Ad space on various websites and blogs
Vinyl wall art
Handmade gift from various Etsy shops


Here is the scoop on how to enter:

For each dollar you donate, you get one virtual raffle ticket.  Each prize has its own entry pool.  So, you put each ticket into the drawing for the item you want to win.  In other words, you will only be entered to win the prizes that you want!  You can put all of your tickets towards one prize, or spread them out.

You can donate directly on the Project Kids site here
So think about it, for $1 you could win anyone of those items above! How great is that?
So go on and check it out! You could be helping out a great cause and you have the chance to win some fab prizes!

And as always Have a great day everyone!

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