Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bad for me, good for you.. A giveaway of sorts..

So a few weeks ago I went online to Target and filled out for a free sample bag. A couple days ago I got it in the mail and it had some great stuff in it, let me tell ya!

This little makeup bag is cute and just the right size to hold my necessities when I can't take my jumbo makeup case with me somewhere!

Look at those goodies!
Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Hot Pink
Nivea Express Hydration daily lotion
Pantene Color Preserve Shine shampoo
Fekkai Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner
Neutrogena Naturals lip balm - love this!
And a coupon book with over $25 in savings! Woot Woot!

and now I bet you're wondering about the post title huh?
As nice as the coupon book is and I want to use it... The closest Target to me is about an hour away, and I'm not gonna drive an hour to save a few bucks when I can got to Wal-Mart or the Dollar store minutes away..
As for the giveaway (of sorts), I hate saying a giveaway and getting yall's hopes up for something fantastic when I don't really have an actual item for you, but I will send one lovely reader this coupon book! 
I'm sure out of my 57 readers at least one of you lives closer to a Target and can use this!

Here are just a few of the coupons inside

 $3 off a Nivea body care item

 $1 off Aveeno body care item

 $5 off John Frieda hair color

$1 off Olay facial care item
And quite a few other great coupons!! And they don't expire until 7/30/2011.

*UPDATE* There will now be 3 winners!! A lovely friend of mine, Starr, just donated 2 more coupon books, how awesome is she??

So who wants it?
All I ask is that you are a blog follower, I do want to reward my loyal readers, even if it is just something small to start out. And hey I'm not above bribing for new readers.. ;) Since this is more about beauty then crafting, just leave me a comment telling me what your must have skin or beauty product is! 

And just because everyone likes extras entries:
"Like" Killing Time on Facebook and let me know - 1
"Follow" me on Twitter and let me know - 1
That's 3 possible entries folks!!

I'm not gonna leave this open for long, I will pick a winner on Sunday 4/10 with and post it Sunday evening.
I will email the winner, so make sure you have email enabled in your profile or leave an email in your comment, ok?

*Just in case anyone is wondering, NO I was not compensated for this at all. I ordered the free sample bag, and since I won't use the coupon book I decided to share it with someone who could*

Have a great week everyone!!

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Starr said...

Hey Tiffany! I have 2 of the coupon books I can "donate" if you want to give them to readers also. I never really shop at Target. :)

Chrissy said...

I sure do love target and we have one 10 min away in every, count me in!!! xxx

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

what a sweet giveaway, but i live too far from a target to participate. Congrats to the winner.

Write it in Lipstick

Ashley said...

I am your newest follower! I have a Target right around the corner from me and am there multiple times a week! I would love a coupon book! (I actually saw this cute little makeup bag and tried to get one but they were all out!)

Ashley said...

I also 'like' you on FB

Breaking Free From Old Ways said...

I am a follower and my favorite beauty product is lotion


Breaking Free From Old Ways said...

I like your fb page!


Breaking Free From Old Ways said...

I am following you on twitter