Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The answer to crafter's block?

No internet! That's the answer I swear!
So I've been in a crafting slump lately. Oh there are plenty of projects I would like to do and I have the supplies for several already. Just no motivation. I'm also one that prefers instant gratification and being able to start and finish something in one sitting. If I keep getting interrupted, I lose my mojo on a project or my vision of it fades or changes.
So yesterday morning after getting the big kids off to school I sit down with my cup of coffee and bad news, my internet was down. Crap. Usually the morning is my quiet time when I check email and read my blogs. That was a no-go. But Big B and Mr K were still sleeping and I was wide awake. What else could there possibly be to do??
CRAFT! I whipped up a few keychains and a couple rosette necklaces and just random rosettes for future use. I've been a rosette making fool, lemme tell ya! Plus I threw together a little sunglasses pocket thing for Big B's uncle.
So I'm all happy with myself snapping pics here and there to show off post about and share with my lovely readers. I transfer the pics to my computer and sit down ready to type up a post and my screen freezes up and then the computer just won't power back on, then I get the blue screen. Yuck.. 
Long story short I think my hard drive has finally given up. So I plug in a spare hard drive to at least be able to access the internet and do a few things on the computer, but I have none of my pictures, none of my photo-editing software, and for some reason I can only use IE6 with this one, double YUCK. Yes I know I can download Picasa and Piknik or whatever, but I'm pretty dang loyal to Photoshop, it's what I know.
So no pics today people, I'm sorry. As soon as I find out for sure whether my other hard drive can be fixed {cross your fingers for me please} I will have some posted for you!
Have a great day everyone!!

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Jessica said...

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Amanda said...

I hate when I can't do anything on the computer. Oh & I'm the same way about wanting "instant gratification." LOL

BTW, I nominated you for an award over on my (TTC) blog (! =)