Sunday, February 27, 2011

A little get to know you

So last week, the awesome Heidi over at Craft Monkey played a fun little game. A little get to know you game. I thought it was a great idea so I decided to steal borrow the idea from her, don't worry I told her and she's cool with it ;)

I have 48 followers, which is amazing to me, I do appreciate of you! But I would like to know a little more about you, if you don't mind..
So here's how it goes, I ask a couple questions and you leave a comment with your answer. See super easy right? I'll even answer my questions for you first, cause I'm nice like that! 

So here are the questions, I'm using the same ones Heidi used cause I like them.
1. Your name
2. Where you're from - you don't have to say the specific town if you don't want to. I didn't.
3. Your blog address, if you have one
4. Your etsy store address, if you have one
5. Something interesting about you that you'd like us to know

Plus I'm adding one more, you don't have to answer but it'd be cool if you did!
6. What would you like to see here on Killing Time? More crafty stuff, features, more personal stuff? A little bit of it all? 
I'm still trying to find my way in this crazy world of blogging, and I like to think that those who have followed me have done so because they like what they see, so I want to make sure to post things that interest you and that bring you back. While I love having followers, I don't want someone to follow me just so I can say I have so&so amount of followers, you know what I mean? I want to have a connection with you.
Okay whew, yeah I get a little long-winded at times..

So here are my answers..
I'm Tiffany, I'm from a semi-small town about 45 minutes from OKC, Oklahoma. I blog here at Killing Time but I don't have an Etsy shop, yet..
An interesting fact about me is that I have an adopted brother, what is interesting about that is the fact that we have the exact same birthday, he is only 6 hours older than me! pretty cool huh?

 So that I not leaving this post completely picture-less here are a couple pics of what my living room looked like for part of the weekend, stayed tuned for what this mess ended up as..

Does that last pic give you an idea? Any guesses?

2 people think..:

Christine said...

Hi I'm Christine and I'm from Texas! I am a blogger at
I don't have an etsy shop yet either! I'm really not that interesting. But I do love animals and am obsessed with post its! I love seeing posts about things you have made!

Emily said...

Hi my name is Emily and I was actually over at the fabric junkie site when I noticed you link and thought I would check it out. I'm also the mother of three boys and try to do my crafting while juggling their crazieness. I do have an etsy shop but there's currently nothing in it due to baby boy number three. my blog address is An interesting fact about me well I'm orginially from the Washington state and I love the rain.