Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This week's Hoo Are You?

So it's time for another round of Hoo Are You by Night Owl Crafting


Here are this week's questions!

1. Where do you usually have your thermostat set at in the winter?
 This is an old house so no thermostat, just a couple gas heaters.
2. What room do you tend to put off cleaning until last?
 Usually our bedroom, no one ever goes in there and we can just close the door when company comes over if we need to.
3. Do you like to clean with music on or off?
 I prefer to have the music blasting to something fun and upbeat, I even have a couple playlists titled "cleaning music". But with an 8 month old, my cleaning is usually done while he's napping so I can't blast the music. :(
4. When do you take time to blog?
 Usually after everyone else is asleep when I have no interruptions.
5. How much time do you spend looking at other blogs a week?Way too much, I will leave it at that!

Stay tuned for next week's questions!
Have a great day everyone!

2 people think..:


Hi Tiffany,
Its nice to know more about you,good girl..
well i want to say thanks for your sweet words,you write at my feature on Mod Podge Rocks..so sweet.
Thanks a bunch,
Stay cooooool

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

I always put off cleaning our bedroom too! It usually ends up looking like teenagers live there before I get around to cleaning it! haha! {left you some love over at my blog}