Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pink Hair?

Well in my last post I told you all about my friend Patrice at Not Cake who supposedly now had pink hair, or at least some pink in her hair. Well in short I left her a comment saying I needed verification of this pink hair in the form of a picture and if she did post a pic, then I too would post a pic of my hair being pink. 
Well everyone, today she has pics! So I will uphold my end of the deal. 

Here is Patrice's
I have to say I like her pink better! In fact, I LOVE it!

So here is my pink (& brown & black) hair, this pic is from about a year ago..

It is about time for some new color though, I'm thinking turquoise highlights..
No I am not afraid of color, although I have toned it down a bit, hubby is not a fan of "crazy" (his word) or "non-traditional" (my word) haircolor.. Bleh, for a biker he sure is kinda stuffy sometimes...

Here are a few of my previous colors..
Bright red


So tell me ladies, what's the "craziest" thing you have done with your hair?

4 people think..:

cakeologist said...

I love it! That is a great picture of you with the pink - you are very pretty. You are much braver than me...I don't think I could ever do the top of my head (not to mention my super conservative husband would probably not 'approve'). I had a beautiful merlot color, but I have been trying to remove it for a few months since red and pink don't match too well. For as quickly as it fades, red sure is hard to remove. My new color is Hot Hot Pink my Manic Panic. Its good I only did the tips, cause the pre-bleach DESTROYED my hair.

Michelle said...

I love the pink on top with the darker tones underneath. Wish I could pull something like that off lol. Don't know how work would feel about it.

Stephanie said...

I love the Purple...
The craziest I have done is just red streaks with blonde, and brown (the red faded into a purple color).

and a few years ago I did block color with with a burgandy red color, and brown ALL UNDERNEATH and blonde with the red/burgandy on top.

Kelli said...

the craziest thing i have ever done to my hair is being a natural blonde and dying it my dark color it is!